South Africa is growing up - the long walk to freedom has ended, but the journey has only just begun for the leaders of a country almost overwhelmed by enormous social inequalities and economic distortions.

Few countries in recent history have undergone the scale of change that South Africa has since 1994. From apartheid to democracy, from isolation to global player, from closed to an open economy and from rampant to controlled inflation, South Africa has transformed from insolvent to solvent and is suddenly the world’s fastest growing tourism destination. Despite major and continuing overhauls in the education, housing, electrification, water, media and telecommunication sectors, huge sectors of the population still face a critical shortage of basic services and sub-standard living conditions.

With some of the most progressive environmental and conservation experts in Africa based in the country, environmental and social development issues offer a unique learning environment for academics in a number of fields that will enrich, teach, challenge and expand their knowledge. Over the years, our custom travel packages have been as diverse as our clients that include:

• Colleges & universities
• Industry professionals
• Clubs & associations
• Religious groups
• Students & educators
• Retired adult learners
• Conference delegates

African Exposure has established relationships with a close network of professionals recognised as innovative leaders in a variety of sectors ranging from political and economic to environmental, educational and medical. These partnerships have enabled us to develop imaginative educational travel packages rich in discovery and insight, offering unique perspectives of challenges in an equally distinctive country to both the academic and personal interest traveller alike. You will find in our staff a commitment to personalised customer service and
value for money, subject-focused itineraries.

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